SkatePunk NFT Street Art Collection Sale March 2022

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Skate Punks Club members can now explore the expansive world of Skate Punkers with our new Explore feature that allows them to find out everything they need to know about every character in the game while earning points along the way. From their favorite color or who they admire most on their team to how many pucks it would take for them.

PRESS RELEASE. Skatepunks is a collection of 10,000 unique characters designed and minted as NFTs. Created out of love for SK8 and street-art culture assembled from hand-drawn parts such as jacket hoodies, skateboards, various metal outfits, awesome backpacks, tin faces, rare sneakers, digital accessories and many more vanity items. Each piece is as unique as you are!

They already have many legendary partners like ALPACADABRAZ, The Doge Pound, DexTools, Cybernites and Kryxivia for their closed fashion store, which will be released a few weeks after the drop.

Benefits of owning a Skatepunk NFT:

► Access to the closed fashion store with unique streetwear and footwear.

► Unlock the ability to customize gear and equipment.

► Receive invitations to their street art festivals!

► Get limited and free access to airdrops, future mutations and 3D collection.

Grab your Punks and join the Crew 🔥🛹 !

The whitelisted mint will begin on March 04 at 5pm (UTC) at 0.050 ETH per Skatepunk, followed by the public mint on March 05 at 2pm (UTC) at 0.075 ETH per Skatepunk.

Access to the mint page


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