Skygard Metaverse NFT Collection Launch Date April 2022 | Buy & Mint SKG Token With Exclusive Rewards, Equipment & Digital Loots

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The Skygard Metaverse NFT is an arena to explore. With five different classes and six biomes to explore, the team introduces seven maps and ten bosses in the game. The chest box introduces the following items – One Trinket, One Set of Weapon, One Set of Amours, One Pet ,One Vanity Item. While trinket is just a fancy ornament, the other four sets will make your character powerful. The game offers a P2E (player-to-environment) and F2P (free-to-play) model that would let you experience the game with more freedom.

Bring your imagination to reality with the upcoming Skygard Metaverse NFT collection. Skygard introduces P2E and F2P mechanics in the metaverse by revolutionizing the ARPG gaming segment. Based on Unreal Engine 4, the gaming experience is incomparable when we speak of graphics fidelity and effects.

As we dive deep into the Skygard game, other plans related to tokenization are revealed. Apart from that, the game is based on Binance Smart Chain, which covers the general hazards related to security, fees, and speed. This article covers different aspects like Skygard Metaverse NFT rarity, mint price, and how to buy Skygard Metaverse NFT. Stay tuned to know more!

Skygard Metaverse NFT items  10500 NFTs
Skygard Metaverse NFT Mint Price  Starting at 0.3 BNB
Skygard Metaverse NFT Launch Date  9th April 2022
Skygard Metaverse NFT Floor Price will be available after the launch date

Skygard Metaverse NFT » Mint Price, Launch Date & Everything To Know

The Skygard Metaverse NFT unleashes a world of new avatars with places to explore. With a place to meet and interact with different users, the platform offers five different classes that one can choose from. The P2E model gives users the freedom to sell their resources or upgrade themselves for future battles. Other quests and Battle Royale mode keeps the game engaging as PvP is available.

Smart Tokenization System

The Skygard game is based on a smart tokenization system that introduces a marketplace in the metaverse. The marketplace will be accessible by every player by using $SKG. This Skygard token is deflationary, which means the supply will decrease as the number of users increases maximizing the ROI. On the other hand, NFTs will give users exclusive access to rewards, equipment, pets, and other digital loots which are unknown yet.

Users opting for the F2P version will have limited growth in the game as their economy works on a fully inflationary model providing no ROI benefit.

Skygard Metaverse NFT Mint Price & Launch Date


Skygard Metaverse Launch Date

The new Skygard Metaverse is set to be launched on 9th April 2022 at 21:00 UTC. The pre-sale will come in chests introducing unique equipment for all. A total of 10500 NFTs will be available in 4 Loot Box categories. The total NFTs will be divided into the following categories –

  • Common – 6100 NFTs
  • Rare – 3000 NFTs
  • Epic – 1000 NFTs
  • Legendary – 500 NFTs

As per the officials, the Skygard Metaverse mint price will vary for all the categories. The Common loot box will be available at 0.3 BNB, Rare for 0.6 BNB, Epic for 1.5 BNB, and Legendary for 2.2 BNB. The official minting will continue for seven days starting from 9th April if the boxes aren’t sold out.

The smart tokenization system brings long-term sustainability and provides the required ROI for the NFT holders. The Skygard Metaverse NFT roadmap is well-classified into three years of expansion. With Phase 1 being over in 2021, the team is on the verge of achieving its goals for 2022.

The second expansion phase focuses on introducing the Skygard NFT collection and the marketplace for individuals to trade. Similarly, a special feature, The Forge, will be unveiled in the 3rd Quarter of 2022. Forge enacts a platform to pawn off, upgrade, fuse, and imbue new elements to one’s character. With the different combinations, one can maximize their profitability.

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In 2023, a new roadmap will be unveiled with the first version of the Skygard game in action. We can expect to see major collaboration and CEX listing as well.

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Skygard Metaverse NFT Rarity Check

The Skygard metaverse is an arena to explore. With five different classes and six biomes to explore, the team introduces seven maps and ten bosses in the game. The chest box introduces the following items –

  • One Trinket
  • One Set of Weapon
  • One Set of Amours
  • One Pet
  • One Vanity Item

While trinkets, weapons, and amours will be common to everyone, pet and vanity items will be completely unique for the NFT holder. With higher rarity, users can expect exclusive surprises as well.

Apart from that, different cities, dungeons, camp posts, and towns will always add up to the excitement of helping the community grow in size.

Sales Volume

The sales volume will be available once the official mint has started. While the NFTs will be handed over immediately during the sale, the casket can be opened 30 days after the mint has started.

The Skygard Metaverse NFT floor price is not revealed yet. However, we can expect the initial floor price to be 0.30 BNB depending on the lowest mint price.

The Skygard Game collection will unveil a whole new world for users to explore. With $SKG in play, holders can stop worrying about their investment. Advance econometrics works in favor of the community by focusing on better ROI. As the $SKG acts as a deflationary token, its supply will decrease with time, incentivizing the investors. Therefore, we can say Skygard NFT is in good hands!

NFTs Available April 2022

The 10500 NFTs will be available on the official site on 9th April 2022. Based on the casket you wish to purchase, add the required amount of token to your wallet. Follow the steps below to know more!

Step 1 – Initiate An Exchange Account
It is necessary for users to create an exchange account to purchase the token required. In order to purchase Skygard NFT Game, users have to buy $BNB. Two of the most preferred exchanges are Gemini and CoinSmart, as they provide the flexibility and speed required.
Visit and fill in the required information to Get Started.

Step 2 – Buy The Token
After completing the KYC procedure, move forward to purchasing the Binance token. To mint the Common casket, one must purchase .30 BNB.

Step 3 – Set Up A Wallet
Metamask provides the best-in-class security for your NFTs and tokens as you advance into the metaverse. Visit to set up the same.

Step 4 – Connect To The Market Place
Before connecting your wallet to the marketplace, add the required token to your wallet. Wait for the official sale to unveil the collection.
However, if you miss the caskets in the pre-sale, you can opt for them in the marketplace using $SKG in the future.


The Skygard Metaverse NFT has been put forward by an incredible team, smart tokenization, and engaging experience. With ten bosses to deal with, a Skygard Game player can reach the maximum level of 100. However, the team can always introduce new upgrades making the adventure worthwhile.
Therefore, don’t miss out on the Skygard NFT launch!


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