Tsnet Korean Metaverse | New Security Technology For Your NFTs

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Tsnet, a Korean-based company, has announced a new security technology specifically for their metaverse. The new security system will use blockchain technology to protect users’ digital assets from being stolen or compromised. This is a major development in the world of virtual reality and could have a huge impact on the way people use online platforms.

As a joint business partner with Dream Security, TSnet plans to promote cooperation on the metaverse business, including the virtual tourism business within the metaverse base.

TSnet will be responsible for building a metaverse platform system that mixes virtual and reality, and Dream Security will implement and actively cooperate with digital wallet, avatar DID, security/authentication, and NFT on the metaverse platform.

This Metaverse business cooperation will apply new security technologies, including blockchain, to virtual world activities. Based on this, it is expected to provide a user experience with guaranteed security and convenience even in a virtual environment linked to the real economy.

Seo Hyuk-soo, Head of Strategic Business Department at Dream Security said, “Through this close collaboration, we plan to strengthen our business capabilities by combining our top technology in security S/W, authentication, and blockchain with TSnet’s Metaverse service. We will work together to advance overseas by securing competitiveness and global wallet service.”

* Aster (ATC) Project

TSnet’s Aster project is the second Korean project that Singaporean investment company Tembusu Partners recently invested in after Kakao Klaytn.

In addition, the metaverse project is in progress with Lotte and LG through partner Awesomepia.

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